We are a music venue // art space located in Brooklyn.

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Peavey Blues Classic 50 Watt tube amp

Marshall JCM 900 Guitar Cabinet


’78 Peavey Centurion Mark III bass head

Custom bass cabinet with 15” Carvin driver


Yamaha Stage Custom drumkit: 20” kick , 10×7” rack tom,12×8” rack tom, 14×13” floor tom, 14 x 5.5” wood snare

DW 3000 hardware: boom cymbal stand and hi-hat stand

PDP boom cymbal stands (x2)

DW drum stool

Drummers should bring their own: kick pedal, hi-hat clutch, and cymbals


Roland KC-300 keyboard amp

Keyboardists should bring their own: stand, cables.


Pioneer DJM-800 DJ Mixer


DI Boxes (x4)

Boom mic stands (x4)

Mics: Sennheiser E609, Shure SM58 (x6), AKG D11, C430 (x2), D40 (x3)

Mackie ProFX 22-Channel 4-Bus Mixer

Speaker cabinets (x2) with Eminence drivers

QSC KW181 powered subwoofers (x2)

Yamaha BR15M 2-way monitors (x2)

QSC KW153 powered loudspeakers (x2)

QSC Ksubs powered subwoofers (x2)

QSC K12 monitor (DJ and drum monitor)

QSC GX5 Professional power amps (500 Watt at 8 Ohm) (x2)

DBX 1066 dual mono/stereo compressor/limiter with gate

BBE MAX X-3 3-way crossover

BBE EQA-231 stereo 31-band equalizer

Monster MP Pro 900 EFS Powercenter 8 power distribution center


Epson 730HD projector

White wall on stage

Projectionists should bring their own: cables, preferably over 6ft.